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If the colors of your stone driveway are starting to fade, we think it’s time you consider paver sealing and sanding. Gold Star Pressure Wash LLC is proud to offer paver sealing services to the Great Neck area, to bring the shine back to your stone and tile walkways. Our Great Neck pressure washing experts will individually assess your hardscaping to make sure we keep it looking great for years to come.


A paver is a paving tile, brick, or stone often used in outdoor walkways. Paver sealing can be used on stone driveways and pool decks to protect the surfaces against grime and water intrusion. Paver sealing is a preventative measure to reduce staining from:

  • Tree and animal droppings
  • Oil spills
  • Food spills
  • Other various liquids
  • As well as white-washing from weather effects

Paver sealant can add color to your pavers, as well as make them more durable against UV rays and cracking from water damage. Protecting your investment is the best decision you could make, and paver sanding and sealing are excellent companion services to driveway cleaning to keep your exterior surface looking gorgeous.


It’s best to do the sanding before the sealing; sanding will help secure your pavers as well as smooth them, while sealing locks all your hard work in place and gives it a nice, wet sheen. The sanding process uses polymeric sand, specifically designed to fill the spaces between concrete and brick pavers. This special sand can reduce weed growth and rain washout, compared to traditional sand.

We’ve mentioned your driveway as an area of concern, but other areas you might sand and seal include:

  • Patio
  • Front path
  • Retaining wall
  • Firepit
  • Outdoor kitchen

Keeping these surfaces in pristine condition allows you to enjoy your pavers for as long as possible. Sanding and sealing these areas can also protect them from rain and storm damage in the future, as water is the number one enemy of an unsealed paver. If you’re wanting to raise your home’s curb appeal and visual aesthetic, we’ve got you covered. Let Gold Star Pressure Wash LLC take care of all your paver sealing and sanding needs for your Great Neck home.

If you are looking for leading paver sealing & sanding in the Great Neck area, then please call the pressure washing pros of Gold Star Pressure Wash LLC at 516-884-9449 or complete our online request form.

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