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Mineola pressure washing

Discover the Gold Star difference with the leading pressure washing services in Mineola. Led by Johnny, a dedicated Mineola local, Gold Star Pressure Wash is committed to enhancing the community’s beauty and longevity through professional outdoor cleaning solutions.

Why Mineola Chooses Gold Star Pressure Wash

As a Mineola resident, Johnny understands the unique needs of our community. Gold Star Pressure Wash offers a range of services designed to address the challenges of maintaining properties in our local climate:

  • Mineola Driveway Washing: Remove years of dirt and grime to boost curb appeal.
  • Gutter Cleaning in Mineola: Ensure proper water flow and prevent damage.
  • Fence Washing: Restore the natural beauty of your fence with our gentle yet effective cleaning methods.
  • Sidewalk Cleaning Services: Make a great first impression with a clean, welcoming path.

Our approach combines high-powered water spray and eco-friendly cleaners, making us the go-to choice for pressure washing in Mineola. For surfaces requiring a softer touch, our soft washing service is perfect for house washing and roof cleaning, preserving your home’s integrity while ensuring a thorough clean.

Tailored Solutions for Your Mineola Home

Every project starts with a personalized assessment, allowing us to customize our services to your property’s specific needs. Whether it’s deciding between pressure washing or soft washing, Johnny and the team ensure you receive the best care for your home.

Local Expertise, Community Pride

Johnny’s pride in Mineola isn’t just about providing top-notch pressure washing services; it’s about caring for the community we call home. Choosing Gold Star Pressure Wash means supporting a business that’s deeply invested in Mineola’s well-being.

Ready to Transform Your Property?

If you’re looking for pressure washing services in Mineola, look no further than Gold Star Pressure Wash. Contact us today to schedule your service and join the ranks of satisfied customers who trust Johnny and his team to keep their homes and businesses looking their best.

To learn more about how professional pressure washing can benefit your home in Mineola, call the local experts at Gold Star Pressure Wash today at 516-884-9449.


The pressure washing pros at Gold Star Pressure Wash LLC also offer professional commercial pressure washing for your commercial properties in Mineola! Commercial pressure washing is a great way to ensure your commercial properties are cleaned and maintained. By hiring a professional, you can feel confident you’re getting a great clean without risking the health and safety of your surfaces.


Of course, not all commercial surfaces can stand up against the high-powered water sprays used in pressure washing. That’s why we also offer premier soft washing. Soft washing combines biodegradable cleaners and a gentle water-bleach mixture to wash away mold, mildew, and bacteria.

The best part about soft washing is that it’s a low-pressure cleaning option that gets deep into your outdoor surfaces without risking damages. If you’re looking for commercial soft washing, you’ve come to the right place.


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