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At Gold Star Pressure Wash, we take pride in delivering top-notch cleaning solutions for commercial properties. Recently, we received a call from the manager of a 7-11 store in Uniondale, NY, seeking our expertise to rejuvenate their establishment’s exterior. The task at hand was to clean the façade, sidewalk, parking lot, dumpster pad, and fences, which were in dire need of attention. With our commitment to providing exceptional service and ensuring customer safety, we were determined to transform this 7-11 into a sparkling and welcoming place for both customers and employees.


The parking lot presented a significant challenge, as it was marred with heavy oil stains from vehicles. Additionally, the fences surrounding the property were extremely dirty, impacting the overall appearance of the store.

Our Approach:

Upon arrival, we carefully coned off the areas to be cleaned to ensure the safety of the customers. As we know the importance of uninterrupted business operations, we decided to begin the cleaning process early on a Sunday morning, starting at 7 am and aiming to finish by 8 am.

Cleaning Process:

We started by thoroughly cleaning the façade to remove accumulated grime and dirt, instantly breathing new life into the storefront’s appearance. Next, we focused on the parking lot, deploying our state-of-the-art pressure washing equipment to tackle those stubborn oil stains. With precision and expertise, we meticulously cleaned every inch of the parking lot, restoring it to its former pristine state.

For the dirty fences, we employed our advanced soft washing technique, effectively eliminating years of grime and buildup. The result was astounding – the fences gleamed like new, enhancing the overall appeal of the property.

A Spotless Finish:

By 8 am, we successfully accomplished our mission, leaving behind a sparkling façade, impeccable sidewalks, a rejuvenated parking lot, and gleaming fences. The 7-11 now boasts an inviting and fresh appearance, reflecting positively on the business and making a lasting impression on customers.

Customer Satisfaction:

The 7-11 manager was delighted with the promptness and efficiency of our service. They praised our dedication to customer safety and our ability to complete the job without interrupting their business operations. The store is now ready to welcome customers with a bright and clean exterior, thanks to the transformation achieved by Gold Star Pressure Wash.


At Gold Star Pressure Wash, we take pride in the transformative power of our cleaning services. With a focus on delivering outstanding results and ensuring customer satisfaction, we were thrilled to breathe new life into the 7-11 store in Uniondale, NY. Our commitment to professionalism, safety, and customer-centric service sets us apart in the industry. If you have a commercial property in need of cleaning and restoration, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to make your establishment shine!

Service provided: Building Washing

Location: New Hyde Park, NY


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