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We understand that your dumpster pad isn’t exactly the face of your business. But this does not mean a dumpster pad cleaning service couldn’t still be beneficial for your Great Neck Business. We at Gold Star Pressure Wash LLC are the company to handle your commercial pressure washing for Great Neck business needs.

We promise that our dumpster pad cleaning service will make your dumpster pad the cleanest it has probably ever been. Our promise to all of our customers is that we get it right the first time. How do we do that? For all of our jobs, we only rely on a team made up of pressure washing professionals. Our founder Jonhhy is on all the jobs to review the details and ensure only the best experience for everyone involved.

We can’t make your dumpster pad the nicest place of your business. But we sure can make sure it’s not the worst place. If you need a dumpster pad cleaning service, don’t wait. Call us today at 516-884-9449.


We can’t make trash any less dirty. Unfortunately, no one can. But what can be done is to have your dumpster cleaned the best it can be. Taking out the trash will never be fun. But with a clean dumpster area, it can at least be a less unpleasant task you avoid doing.

A dumpster pad cleaning service is more than just cleaning. Dumpsters can become very high in bacteria, which could be a problem that negatively impacts the health of those around them. Besides thoroughly cleaning, our team sanitizes the dumpster pad to rid the area of any harmful germs and bacteria.


Running a business means you have a lot more things to worry about than “who is going to clean my dumpster pad?” And we don’t blame you? Who in their right mind really thinks about their dumpster that much? Call us crazy, but we do.

You should know, that regularly having your dumpster pad cleaned might be a bigger deal than you think if you’re trying to run a business. Dumpsters become filthy very easily. Depending on your trash, your dumpster can become riddled with germs and can even attract some unwanted pests. Not to mention that the mere sight of a filthy dumpster is enough to turn away any customer or have clients second guess their business. To keep your dumpster from negatively impacting your business, it is a good idea to regularly have it cleaned.

To schedule a dumpster pad cleaning for your business, or one of the other pressure washing services we provide, like our building washing service, reach out today.

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