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When running your Great Neck business, there are a million things on your mind. Scheduling an awning cleaning might not be one of them. But perhaps it should be. First impressions are everything to customers, and to leave a good one, you want every part of a business looking its best. While a dirty awning might not turn heads, after a good awning cleaning you can tell there is a noticeable difference. It just makes your entire business look well-kept and more inviting! But who has the time to spend looking for the right people who can do the job well and quickly for the right price? That’s where we come in.

At Gold Star Pressure Wash LLC, we offer our reliable commercial pressure washing services to provide you with an awning cleaning we know your business could use. You can rely on our team of experts to clean your business exterior as if it were our own. For any and all needs Pressure Washing for Great Neck businesses and homes, you can count on Gold Star Pressure Wash LLC to get it right the first time. To schedule an awning cleaning or any of our other amazing commercial pressure washing services, call us today at 516-884-9449.


If your business has a canopy, we know you’re on the right track. Canopies are fun and good-looking addition to almost any business. Too bad they don’t stay clean forever. Due to the constant exposure from the outside, your canopy is prone to the build-up of some unwanted substances.

Depending on the material of your canopy, the build-up can consist of:

  • mold
  • lichen
  • algae
  • dirt
  • bird poop

In addition to impacting the look of your canopy, these substances also threaten the health of your canopy and the success of your business.

Luckily, we at Gold Star Pressure Wash LLC have the solution. Regular washing increases the life of your canopy and improves the look of your business. Don’t risk losing business over something so easily fixed. If your canopy is in need of a washing, don’t wait and schedule a service now!


A good awning cleaning does wonders for Great Neck businesses. But at Gold Star Pressure Wash LLC, we provide many more commercial pressure washing services to benefit your Great Neck business. To try out one of our other services, like our great storefront cleaning service, call us today.

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